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May Night Salvia - replace or be patient?

14 years ago

Hi all! (I usually lurk in the Soil Forum.)

I have a May Night Salvia that looks very sad this spring. In fact, it just has the same low set of leaves that it survived through the winter with. Those leaves are green, but it hasn't grown anything new this spring.

(I'm in NW NJ,zone 6a.)

Last year was a tough year - my first year - for my perennials b/c I planted them in what I later found out was good soil - was wee-tiny-bits of good soil interspersed between lots and lots and lots of rocks, pebbles, stones, boulders and roots, and the soil had very little "life." Plus, something last year "ate" lots of my Salvia leaves. Thus, most of the plants got re-arranged last fall as I dug out the bed & removed rocks/roots & improved the soil.

Now I'm wondering, it's May 15th - should my Salvia be growing tall and about to bloom by now? Thus, is it probably close to death? Or, should I just be patient and give it another month or so? (We've had a very warm April here & a fairly warm May here - no frost for a month.)

If it's on its last leg and isn't going to grow this year, I'd rather replace it now w/a new one (b/c we want it to be happy this year to attract butterflies).

My other perennials like my bee balm & stokes aster & veronica are growing & sprouting new leaves (same bed).

Thanks, and All the Best, Tree

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