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1986 Troy Bilt Pony Tiller Stalling

10 years ago

I have a 1986 Pony Tiller. It has been in the family and it has not been ridden hard. Now, last year the unit started stalling under load after it warmed up and then I started using it. So, I was finished and let it sit until March/April of this year. I tried again and I could not get more than dew feet completed before it stalled again. So, I replaced the jet and fuel pump bladder (Pulsa-jet carb) and then cranked it; started right up; adjusted it and walked it around the yard back and forth, then started to till and it started to stall again; tried reverse and it stalled again. I read about checking the fuel cap; that is okay; checked for sparkl; that is okay; cleaned the valves; that is okay; checked the ignition coil for damage; that is okay; checked the muffler; that is okay; clean, new fuel; that is okay. Now, I wonder about two things: 1) Is the age of the coil (1986) and heat the problem? or 2) Will the belt tension effect the stalling? I think I installed a new belt at some point (last year? mind is going)) but, is there a check for the belt tension (no OP manual on hand)? I believe the engine is fine and carb is okay. The old diapraghm was hard after 27 years and i thought I solved the stalling, but it continues. Thank you for some insight. Gyp

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