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Tree recommendations for semi-shade

14 years ago

I would like to ask for advice for a couple of trees for my back yard. I am in Pa, z6, and the back yard is already rather shaded by large maples, neighborÂs house, etc. The soil has a good amount of clay, but I will improve it when planting.

For one tree I am looking for something small to medium, with as much interest around the year as possible. It will be in one of the brighter parts of the yard, but I would still call it part-sun to part shade. My ideal tree: flowering (I do not have any flowering trees in the backyard), interesting branching, with fall and winter interest as it is very visible ( red foliage, red berries would be wonderful)

From my research so far an Amelanchier might be a good choice, except that I planted one in the front yard last year already. Compared to that ideal tree I love its irregular branching, but the leaves dropped in fall very quickly and itÂs bare in winter. I thought of a Hawthorn "Winter King", but I have heard that the flowers smell bad. Any other suggestions?

I have a second site in the backyard which is semi-shade to shade. I would love an evergreen that either grows relatively slow or doesnÂt get above approx 40 ft. My web searches led me to Balsam fir, but a local nursery man said that they donÂt do well in PA, and recommended "picea orientalis", Oriental Spruce.

Any thoughts and recommendations are more then welcome.

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