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'Dragon's Blood'

11 years ago

Might be off Topic, I guess, but 'Grandmother's Hat' is one of her parents -- and in fact it fascinates me that a color like this could have come from GH!

We saw this poor little plant at a rose society meeting in January -- in a 5-in pot, and pruned to about 4-inches. We felt so sorry for her, we brought her home.

Now, PART of why we brought her home was that I checked HelpMeFind, and learned that she was a Paul Barden rose, and bred from G'Hat. How could I resist?

So she's grown like a weed, is completely disease-free (no surprise there) has beautiful foliage, and wants to bloom. This is the first bloom opened:


I was going to get a shot of the whole spray, but Katie ate them. :-)


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