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Soil, compost, mulch and additives

10 years ago

I'm new to gardening. I posted a video link below showing my garden. I started a new garden bed (approx. 300sf) and had my lawn guy bring in organic soil which he put shredded hardwood on top as a mulch. I want to beef up the soil a bit as it's not as deep as I would like it to be. He made it about 6-8" deep when I asked for 12-14".
I've been reading the forums and I'm so confused about soil, compost and mulch. What would be good to add to the bed? I'm growing lots of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, cucumbers, watermelon, carrots and onions.. I want the soil to be nutritous for the plants so I plan on doing a compost tea, azomite, kelp and mild veggie 5-5-5 fertilizer.
Where do you guys buy compost? Noone seems to mention where they get it. When I go to a big box store I never see a bag that says Organic Compost on it! Just that miracle gro junk. Should I try to find a nursery? Should I just ask the lawn guy to bring more organic soil? (I don't have my own leaves to use, nor clippings, nor do i have my own compost)
I stuck a plastic ruler into the soil and when i pulled it out the bottom was muddy looking, it's been quite rainy lately, but does that mean there is poor drainage? He put down that weed barrier (black fabric stuff) before putting the soil down.
Should I till in some perlite or sphagnum to aerate the soil?

So sorry for all the questions..i've been trying to research this for two weeks and I feel like I am running around in circles with so much information on the net...I'm lost! Please help! :)

Thank you all and I hope you have a fantastic growing season.
Loving Light

Here is a link that might be useful: Video showing my garden

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