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What would you grow in your greenhouse this fall/winter?

13 years ago


Finishing up on some of the small details on my greenhouse. I've posted the photos on this site, but to recap, it's 10 by 22 feet.

I plan (depending on the gas bill!) to keep the night time temperature about 60 deg.

Besides containers, i'm working on some type of planting beds. More than likely placed on benches.

here's what I've got in the game book

some cabbage, onion, cauliflower, bibb and romaine lettuce, and some pole beans.

I know it won't be warm enough to raise tomatoes or peppers so they're not in the plan.

I don't really want to add additional lighting, the gas bill will be steep enough let alone a higher electric bill.

So, I've got the space, plan on heating the thing. What else should be a growing?


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