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Quantifiable Differences: Premium vs 'Value' 2-Cycle Engines

13 years ago

Let's assume both are properly set up at the point of sell retailer and receive proper care and feeding during usage by the operator to equalize such variables.

On various 2 cycle engines used on outdoor power equipment (saws, trimmers, blowers, etc...) just what are the tangible differences in say a premium 2 cycle engine (think Stihl or whatever you consider 'premium') and inexpensive or so-called disposable 2 cycle equipment (think Poulan or whatever brand you consider 'cheap')?

Is the difference in materials? (more steel, forged vs cast, higher grade aluminum, more sophisticated alloys, platings, etc?

Is the difference in tolerances? Balancing? Machining?

Is the difference in design and engineering? E.g. a more efficient intake, superior ignition, etc...? (fundamentally they are all 2 cycle engines and share the same basic design and principal of operations)

Is the difference in factory QA checks that can instill long term quality?

Is the difference in carburetors? Zama, Walbro, etc?

Is the difference in ignition? Brand of spark plug installed at factory etc?

If the difference is all of the above or some other combination - rank them. If there are other tangible differences - include them. What's the most significant difference? Second most... etc.

Just curious if one were to tear down 2 engines - what makes one 'reviled' and the other 'revered'?

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