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Miracle Gro Moisture Control does not drain well/ too moist

14 years ago

I started my first container garden this year and was guided to miracle gro moisture control potting soil. I planted 2 tomatoes(early girl and patio), 2 peppers, and a bunch of squash all in separate 5 gallon buckets. I use the finger check on the soil from time to time and it always sticks to my finger(I was told if that happens the plants don't need water). It seems like the soil is still very moist down low and may not be draining well/retaining too much moisture. I barely water like 2 times a week. Should I leave my plants as is, replant with something mixed into the soil to improve drainage, or something else. There is also some yellowing on a few of the plants which I thought indicated underwatering. It is very confusing. It has not been very hot here in Houston yet but I know it will get there and I don't want to switch too early and wish I had the moisture back later on. Sorry I know I'm rambling on but this is my first attempt at any type of gardening and I want to see an actual yield. Thanks for your help.

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