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What should I do with my Massachusetts Greenhouse (in Zone 6)?

13 years ago

I am the new owner of a greenhouse. It came with my new home. It is detached and measures 22 by 20 feet. It has about 120 square feet of potting bench surface plus plenty of area to hang plants. These benches can be lowered for taller plants. The roof has vents that open when temp gets near 70 degrees. there are also manually opened windows and doors at each end. The greenhouse has water in it and i have a gas heating unit in there too. THis is tempered glass, lean-to style greenhouse (glass one one side (south-facing side) and half of each end) that is not thermal glass.

I live in southeastern Massachusetts, near the coast. And I am not very experienced.

Here is my problem..what do i grow in there? Do i need to add automatic watering system? Would I heat it in Winter? what could possibly be worth paying to heat a glass building for 5 months of the year?

It can get quite warm in greenhouse during winter days (vents open), but it also can be zero at night. I am in gardening zone 6.

It seems a shame not to use this beautiful greenhouse, but i just dont know what to do with it. IT seems like too much sun is an issue in summer and too cold is an issue in winter.

I wish i had some ideas of what to use it for, that i could get excited about, would bring me some benefit (of some kind) and that is hardy enough that one cold snap when i am out of town wonbt kill everythng...

I would appreciate your ideas? What would you do with a 20 x 20 greenhouse if you lived in Zone 6????

thanks so much, Paul....

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