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Roses for bright shade southern exposure bed zone 5b/6a Massachusetts

Hi all, I have a bed that gets full sun from about 10:30 until 2:30 in the afternoon but is in bright shade from around 9:00 to about 4:30 and then gets additional sun near sunset. Any suggestions for roses that will do okay in these conditions. Disease resistance is a must so this rules out almost any Austin even though I love them so :-(.

I have Julia Child planted here and she has been flowering well. Knockouts did well in this location but died last winter form our brutal weather. Bright colors would be great since this garden is about 40 feet from the house so an umph of color would be nice. I will be building an arbor with a trellis back, a bench will be under the arbor and two trellised fences along each side which will measure a total of about 12 feet so it will have a backdrop of some sort besides just woods. There will be a path leading up to the bench. There will also be 2 Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry bushes planted aside of the fence and some perennials mixed in. I can use a couple of climbers and several smaller bushes. I have a Clair Matin that seems to do well in bright shade so this might work but I would really like something different if something else would work in these conditions. Bright pink, orange, salmon, yellow, lavender would be great.

These photos were taken at 9 a.m today. The trees behind are on the north so don't really impact the sun but we do have trees to the east and west that are quite a distance away, probably 100 feet to the eats and 50 feet to the west but they still cause some shading to the site. The tree roots are not a problem, boulders on the other hand hmmph!! since I think half of our "historic" stone wall is now buried underground!

Thanks for any suggestions. As always they are greatly appreciated.


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