HFGH base rusting

13 years ago

Hello all,

Good to see some of you "oldies" are still here; it's been a while since I visited the site.

My 10x12 HFGH has been up for almost a year now. I am happy with it, with the exception of the base, which is rusting. It is installed on a cement patio, with 2x4 pieces of TREX bolted in between the base and the cement. I made some of the recommended modifications to beef up the base when I built it (i.e., Gardenerwantabe's support ideas). Any holes which I drilled were carefully painted with rustoleum and then spray painted. Those areas area not the ones rusting now, rather it is along the base where moisture comes into contact with it. At this point I am glad that I can see the problem, instead of having it buried underground! Have others experienced the same degradation?


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