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Good garden soil makes poor soil for roses in containers?

15 years ago

When I first finally tumbled to idea of using my well insulated greenhouse for roses less hardy than my climate, planted in pots, I started looking in my 32 rose books for info about container growing. After the first 10 or so I gave up.

Finally settled on a slim "book", by Ortho, on container gardening. I was amazed to read that soil was no good. Soilless mixes were the way to go. What happened to all that microrganisms, earth worms, organic matter mumbo gumbo!

It seems that the amount of air in the soil is more critical. The ordinary capillary drainage in the garden is interrupted when you pot a rose. So it is peat moss, perlite and vermiculite that works. Along with 5-10-10 and limestone. And regular fertilizing. So far this book didn't mention which fertilizer.

Now what do I do with the 4 roses I've planted in garden soil?

Some time ago Jon of whatever that garden is in England posted a mention of an Innes I think it was #3 mix for containers. I saved somehere a list of the ingredients. Can't find it now. Anyway I quickly gave up looking as it used such stuff as hoof and horn and other things not readily available here. Does anybody remember or has kept that recipe?

Anyway, I finally got around to asking, what potting soil do you use??

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