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Hot composting dilema

17 years ago

Hi, Hope someone can help i have an unusual question concerning composting.

I am trying to set up a hot compost heap and am using old wheelie bins (240 litre wheeled plastic trash cans)I have to somehow insulate the wheelie bins and thought that a reflective foil insulation like thermawrap might do the trick. So that would be thermawrap inside/ outside the bin?

I know that I could use wood or buy a compost bin but this is for a masters university project here in Ireland concerning the extraction of heat from compost for use in greenhouses. I will not bore you anymore but although I know that a different system might be better I need to use this system initially. I would be very grateful for some suggestions on how best to insulate the compost bin to encourage hot composting.

Would this work or is a complete waste of time and money.

Hope someone can help.



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