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Earth-Kind Roses Texas A@M

I am curious as to how well the Earth-Kind program has evolved, and where it is going.

My Google search lead me to "Earth-Kind Rose Research Program." I could not find a URL, but I found some information. There are no dates that I could see, but Dr. Stephen George is the horticulturalist, and the first research is out of Texas A@M located in Dallas.

It looks like there is a phase 2 in Houston, but I would like to know if there are members here involved in the research. There was a time that we used to have many discussions about this subject, but I have not seen that much information recently.

When I looked at the list of roses, I felt like many were omitted. I also thought that there was an attempt to break down the list to regions, and minimal watering. Some areas cannot begin to consider being a part of the program if they never water.

I will stop, but would love current information if you have it.


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