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Help: Veganic Seed Starter Mix from Scratch w/o Peat, Perlite, Ve

10 years ago

So as the title suggests, I want to make a Vegan Organic Seed Starter Mix from Scratch w/o Peat, Perlite, or Vermiculite.
NB: this means also no bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish emulsion, or shell fish, or other slaughterhouse products.
I am not be dead-set against manures and guano, but I don't even have rabbits around to collect their droppings (no parks nearby either), and horses are even more far-fetched -- I live in the city. Cow manure and chicken droppings I would prefer to avoid for several reasons, mostly b/c most cows/chickens these days are fed antibiotic-laden GMO crap, and lead lives in cages, very unhealthy and full of disease, if nothing else. If anyone has a suggestion for cheap, reliable manure/guano that avoids factory farm waste, then please advise

Most of the vegan organic mix formulas I find are almost all Peat, perlite and vermiculite, in various mixes of these three, and perhaps have smaller amounts of other things. For environmental reasons, I wish to avoid these three, as they are all pretty unsustainable, especially the peat industry, I have found recipes for ones just including perlite, along with many more sustainable ingredients, and I suppose i could do that, but I would prefer to avoid all of these three.

thanks for anyone with serious replies and discussion

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