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Katsura tree seed germination requirements

13 years ago

Hi. I am new to this site and I was wondering if I could see if I could get help with Katsura trees. I recently went to the park and stumbled upon a beautiful Katsura tree. It smelled of cotton candy, apples, and brown sugar, just as everyone has told me. A week or two after, I went back to the tree and collected a bunch of it's seeds. I know they are the small winged ones inside the banana shaped pod, but I don't know what the requirements to germinate them are. I have searched everywhere on google but with no luck. Im looking to see if I could possibly just plant them in my backyard this november to have them come up in the spring, but they do seem to be very fragile seeds and I don't know if I need to give them a little tlc :) If I can't just pop them them in the ground overwinter, what should I do inside to recreate the requirements indoors? I do not have a greenhouse, although I would love to build one. The Katsura tree is a beautiful specimen and I would love to utilize the seeds I collected. All help is much appreciated :)

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