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I have a frog, I have a frog!

15 years ago

Since I have been living here in this house I have wanted frogs to come, no luck. Then last fall I put in that 12 inch deep 3 foot round 35 gallon in ground.

Afew days ago I noticed a frog. I was really happy. Then I didn't see it for two days and was getting bumbed out thinking something might have happened to it.

Today I saw TWO of them. I am thrilled. They are in that 35 gallon. Again the other above ground 35 gallon has no frogs and never did. I also do not ever see any frogs in my above ground stocktank. However, I put tadpoles in the satocktank much earlier this year so I have no way of knowing if this is one of my home grown frogs or they came from somewhere else. I am just glad they are here.

They are not very big and I really have to slowely creep up on them to see them before they quickly jump in the pond.

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