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Help me decide between Siberian Elm and Chinese Elm for a hedge

18 years ago

Here's the situation: a Dunkin' Donuts is going up right down the street from me. Naturally, I don't want to look at it.

Our driveway is paved with asphalt. There is so much surface area paved (thanks to the previous owner) it is like a parking lot -- we have plenty of driveway to spare. So, we are ripping up about a 10' wide strip along our property line, amending the soil, and putting in a hedge.

The hedge needs to grow fast and be able to put up with being near a heavily travelled street. Two types of hedge I've read about that apparently meet the bill are Siberian Elm and Chinese Elm.

Any thoughts? Alternatives? Experience with either hedge.

The hedge doesn't have to be a fabulous specimen, and it doesn't have to live forever. I'd like it to serve its purpose for about five years, I'm hoping to grow something else (slower growing) for the long term. But in the interim, I gotta block that Dunkin' Donuts ASAP. I don't mind doing a lot of trimming.


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