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Another lesson learned the HARD way-- broken Phal spike

This is for anyone new and stupid enough to do what I did. A few of my Phals had brand new spikes. I decided to stake the spikes so they would grow straight. So, I plunged the stake into the pot and secured the spike with a twisty-tie. What I did not realize was that the tie was too tight and a few days later, the spike was leaning towards the light source so much that it broke in half just above the twisty tie. I should have checked the plant every day (I thought I did). The spike was not completely broken off, so I wrapped it back together with tape. (I once bought a Phal. with a broken spike and I taped it and it continued to flower for many months). I really hope that the spike continues to grow and bloom! Really dumb mistake. Here's my question, if I remove the broken tip from the spike will it branch off and form buds? Thank you. Liz

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