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Height of Reine des Violettes in a Dry Climate

I received my RdV two days ago from Greenmantle Nursery and it will go in the ground today. Placement is a bit of a problem since this was something of an impulse purchase and this is not a rose I can plop just anywhere because of its size and its need for afternoon shade. I've picked out a spot about 1 1/2 yards in front of Mutabilis, my only fear being that it may get as tall as M, which I would not want. M is just about the only rose in my garden that has attained its expected height. All of my teas are still relatively short compared to what others have reported. I now suspect (took me only 7 years) that when the platform of the house was cut into the side of the hill there was precious little if any topsoil left and this, in addition to the heat, has caused the poor performance of so many of my roses. There's not a whole lot more I can do now than to mulch with organic matter, leaves and rabbit droppings to attempt to improve the situation.

I was wondering whether any of you are growing Reine des Violettes in hot and dry conditions, and what height your rose has achieved. It seems to be a large sprawler in more humid, rainy environments, but I would like to keep mine at not much over five feet. Does that seem like a feasible possibility?


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