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Edible companions to antique roses

15 years ago

My garden is primarily roses with some other flowers to try to liven it up in places.

On each side of our patio I have roses - on one side mainly Bucks, and on the other Louis Phillipe, Maman Cochet, and some other older roses. In the area in front, I have removed some diseased roses, and want to plant food. The area used to house 4 Outta the Blue and 4 Marie Pavie. Now I want lettuce, salad greens and herbs.

I need an attractive display. My husband is willing to build it, but wherever I look, there are no examples or directions - just things to purchase for a great deal of money. I want a system using pine boxes, and I want soil less soil, not what I used for roses. I also need advice on what to grow, but that is rather off topic.

My roses are beautiful on each side, and I can look across this area to beds of about 50 roses. I want to create a structure that will also be pretty. In other words I don't want a collection of bright blue Rubbermaid totes -- for this area.

I know how to cover the structures with rebar and fabric if it freezes, and how to use hardware cloth to keep the animals away. I just don't know what to build. I might like aobut 5 separate structures on concrete blocks, but concrete blocks are not too pretty.

so many of you have shown pictures of your gardens with so many different structures to enhance it.I would love to see pictures of food structures, or any advice you might have for me.

THanks in advance.


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