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Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day book

14 years ago

i saw this book in MOther Earth News and I bought it, finally got UNbusy enough to try the bread and it is so easy..i'm on my second batch of the light whole wheat ..

you mix it up with a wooden spoon (i used a 5 quart ice cream bucket) let it rest 2 hours and then put it in the frig and pull out the amount you want to bake just about anything..

so far i've made small round loaves "boules"..and reagular in bread pan loaves..i've made cinnamon rolls (fresh light whole wheat cinnamon rolls are so much better than white crappy ones)..i have my second batch in the frig and plan to make some more of those yummy cinnamon rolls, and calzones and pizzas..and some baguettes and dinner rolls from this batch..if you don't wash the bucket eventually you can get a "sourdough" going..

you can leave it in the frig for 14 days.

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