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Timing of last fertilization in Maryland 7a?

9 years ago

So I used a slow release fertilizer about 5 weeks ago. November 15 is the 6 week mark. Maryland doesn't allow slow release fertilizer after Nov 15.

I've read about using a fast release fertilizer when the grass stops growing and before the ground is frozen, but I have a big bag of slow release left (and no time to look for fast release or time raking leaves/fertilizing with rain/date of frozen earth). I'd like to use the slow release on 11/14. I realize slow release is not ideal at this time, but will it do any harm? Temperatures will be dropping to 40's during day and 20-s to 30's at night at about that time.

If it's imperative that I use fast release, can you guys suggest a specific product that is easy to find at Home Depot, and give me a little more info on timing?


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