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Newbie help: organic lawn program

13 years ago

Hi everyone, newbie here. I came across this site in the process of looking up information on organic lawn care. Its a pretty informative site, so decided to join up. Here's my story...

I recently bought a home in Gilbert, AZ (Phoenix area for those that don't know Gilbert). I don't have much grass to maintain, about 1200sq ft of Bermuda grass. I want to transition to an organic program and would like to do so as soon as possible. Now I do have some problems:

1. I believe some of the "grass" is nutsedge. I do have pictures of both lawns if I can email them to someone to help identify it.

2. The ground looks very compact. I tried digging in it with my fingers to see if it was moist and I could not get down at all.

3. Some areas in the backyard do not grow any grass due to dense shade from two mature trees. I would like to fix this problem if possible.

All right, those are the problems I have come up with. I figure some aeration, compost, and some deep waterings would be a good start going into the winter time here. Believe it or not, the grass is still green and we're still hitting 90s here.

Let me know what you think and thank you in advance.


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