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My newly repotted orchids' sphag is moldy

13 years ago

I repotted my 20-some phals about a month ago in fresh sphag. Everyone was happy. I went on vacation last week and did my usual routine - watered heavily, shut off the HID light and fan, and cranked up the humidifier. That's the only way I can be gone for 8 days without them getting bone dry.

Well, I was TOO successful. When I got home, the media was still wet. Today, I noticed a few of the pots have a layer of very fine white spidery mold on top, and even going down throughout the top half inch or so (I potted loosely).

NOW WHAT? Can I drench with something? Do I need to repot the worst looking ones, or even all of them (lots of work!)? So far the roots still look OK, in fact, the roots have grown a lot over the past month.

I'm starting to panic, please respond ASAP!

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