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When to separate a keiki from the parent?

Danielle Rose
10 years ago

Hello! I have an inherited orchid; it's some type of phal, but I couldn't say exactly what kind. The flowers are white and purple spotted. As you can see from the photo, the leaves are also a strange deep green/purple color. I promise it's not sunburned or anything, that's just the color of the healthy leaves!

Anyway, two years ago it was nearly killed by a fungus gnat infestation. It had eight leaves, and lost all but two, as well as most of its roots. In my ignorance, I put it in a fairly large container of bark to recover (5"). You can still see the first small post-illness leaf on the left there. It also put out a keiki at that time, but it hasn't flowered since recovering. The parent plant is up to 7 leaves, and the keiki has 4. The pot is now fairly full of new, healthy roots (I just found a few working their way out of the bottom of the pot), so I hope to see a spike on one or both of these plants soon.

My question is: now that both orchids are healthy, a good size, and growing new roots independently, should I separate them? Will doing so impact its blooming? Is there any detriment to just leaving both of them together in the pot?

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