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Gardener overseeded bermuda with annual ryegrass

11 years ago

Hi Guys,

Let me start by saying that I was really looking forward to a dormant lawn in the winter. To me - bermuda grass is a God send.

I had mentioned to my gardener that I want to "reseed" parts of my bermuda lawn in parts where it was thinning. I did not realize this process is done only in the spring. He understood this to mean that I wanted to "overseed" my lawn for the winters with a cool weather grass. Which is a process that is done in the fall.

So, yesterday he aerated and overseeded my lawn my annual rye grass! I was not excited to find out that I was going to have a green lawn in the winter.

On the plus side my bermuda is pretty established and the annual rye grass should die off in one season, but I don't even want to really maintain it for one season. Is there anything I can do to kill the rye before it starts taking over my lawn?



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