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MOLES! Dang moles!

9 years ago

I saw one earlier this year. Now, I've got thousands. Ok, maybe not thousands. I figured, live and let live. They killed a bunch of my grass. So maybe it's gophers, I don't know. Now, they are in my garden. I see tunnels and holes all over. He was digging right by my foot, getting ready to come up. Tried to impale him with my shovel but I guess I missed. I have a feeling I won't get any beets this year. He and his friends have got to go. Husband set a trap, some mean looking thing with sharp stuff on it, which he happily ignores. I've got a gopher spike- no use. There are now tunnels and holes all over front back and sides of yard! The ground feels very springy to walk on. What can be done? :-( Normally I'd shoot him with a 22. But we live in city limits now, and I can't do that anymore.

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