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Manure = moles, moles & more moles :(

14 years ago

When Spring sprung here I thought I had "hit the jackpot"

when I found a place that would not only give me free horse manure, but would also load it in my truck! I got a pickup truchload of it and put it around my in-ground fig trees.

I think that brought every mole in my county to my fig trees.

Long story short, I will be using 8-8-8 fertilizer next spring.

Some have called Jon's place out in San Diego "fig paradise"

that might well be true, I must be in fig hell, what with RKN, Gophers, moles not to mention enough enough heat to fry eggs on the sidewalk.........IF I HAD a sidewalk.

I feel better now! I have VENTED!

Happy Gardening Ya'll


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