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When to plant zoysia and overseeding with rye

15 years ago

I'm in Zone 8 according to Neil Sperry (San Antonio, TX - SE end)

Two separate questions

1. New bermuda on one side. It went in late July. It's doing pretty well. If I want to put in winter rye, when should i do it? And is it a problem with new grass?

I've also noticed some grubs, when/how is the best way to stop them?

2. We have another shaded area which is just weeds now. We had a major tree trimming party and now there's a lot of sun, though still a fair amount of shade. The tree trimmers suggested a zoysia would work there (I'd want a fine bladed one) with the amount of shade/sun now. When is the best time to lay zoysia sod? (I'll be doing that part myself) Wait for spring?

And, ok, 3 questions - what's the best way to get rid of the field of weeds there? On the other side we tilled because the land was all lumpy and uneven anyway, then covered with plastic for about 6 weeks which worked well. But this area is pretty flat, so I don't want to make it lumpy. Ideally I'd like organic options, but will do what I have to do to kill the weeds to lay the sod and give it a fighting chance.

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