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Some plants I'd really like to identify but can't :(

14 years ago

These guys have been sticking around my unidentified folder for wayyy too long!

Here they are, with brief descriptions,

I'd really appreciate your help! :)

1. Green curled-up leaf emerging from the ground:

2. Arrow-shaped leaf:

3. Four-petalled pink flower

4. Flat leaf groundcover

5. Radar-like leaf with cluster of flowers

6. ?

7. Tiny blue flower

8. White five-petalled flower

9. ?

  1. Small red flowers

  2. Ghostly white flowers

  3. Pink flowers arched over all on a stem

  4. Five-petalled pink flower, curious stamen

  5. Yellow five-petalled flower

  6. Yellow dandelion-like flower, with hemp-like leaves

  7. Pink flower, strange leaves

  8. Blue five-petalled flower

  9. Weird globe-like green cluster

Thanks a lot, everyone :D

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