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hairy vetch plus nitrogen source etc?

15 years ago

Hey. Attempting to plant my first cover crop and have pretty much decided on hairy vetch. Have started a second garden plot to do my winter garden in and was planning on planting the area where my spring/summer garden was in the hairy vetch to be turned under towards the spring.

Question is will it be beneficial to supply an organic form of NPK recognizing that the N is probably depleted from the garden? I "understand" that hairy vetch/legumes are nitrogen fixing so my first thought would be that adding a nitrogen source, while not counter productive may be a waste.

Also, was wondering if it would be a waste to have a soil test done before planting the cover crop in order to see if any of the other nutrients are lacking. Prior to planting it earlier this spring, I added green sand, rock phosphate, blood meal and black kow.

Also looking for something that I can undersow my winter garden with that can be broadcast that will germinate in time to act as a mulch for the winter garden. Any ideas? soil is Sandy to sand loam.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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