Summer time blues

13 years ago

It's late July and the heat has finally arrived. The thermometer reads 92, but with the humidity the formulas say the heat index is 110. The actual high today should be right at 100 and there's not a breeze to be had. Not even a n occasional zephyr or two. Don't care to see what the heat index will be with that temperature. There's a heat warning been issued for the valley.

College soccer starts next month. Thought I was going to retire. Nope, just get back into the proper shape. With the heat, the only reasonable times to ride my bike are at late evening or night. Most people would recommend not riding a bicycle at night; poor visibility to see and be seen, and all that. But being a student of Tesla, my bike is lit up like a Christmas tree. Also, I ride only on roads that are known to have little or no traffic.

The only exercise that is survivable in this type of day time heat is swimming. Been doing that at the state park pool.

Lunch today will be bits of watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and a basic green salad. Only foods that are cool and supply a large amount of liquids.


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