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Help! Is my orchid dying?

9 years ago

I'm sure you've ready so many of these types of posts lol. This is my first orchid. I got it a month or so ago. The tag reads Mtdm. Issaku Nagata 'Emi'. Lately, the leaves have started to yellow and dry up. 2 pseudo bulbs have no more leaves and those bulbs are turning brown. I have a BBQ skewer in the pot as a water guide, and I read that oncidium type orchids like to dry more between waterings but this seems to take about 2 weeks. Is this normal? It's planted in what appears to be an all bark medium with charcoal. I think there's also some packing peanuts in the bottom. I have the orchid sitting on a countertop about 10 inches below an east facing kitchen window. It gets maybe 2 hours of direct morning light but for the rest of the day it's just ambient light.

Thank you so much for any help!



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