Question Thrips..control/show to stop it need advice

12 years ago

I think I said that right spelled it correctly ?...not sure if some of (not my orchids) and hopefully my Pink river vasco new spike won't get attacked ... I know it can get hit on the new spikes ...Alberta ...if u read this can say what to use as a preventative as to treat the soil of those other plants ...I use the formula u taught me with water /soap/ 409 spray on orchids as I see little nats in my african violets/ming arealas flying out of soil. ;'((((..I have a tiny screened window holes in a few windows on a lake it can be from the outside yet I sprayed the screens too ..I introduced new Violets recently inside went back to the store the orchids were hit bad on sale ( beware of fading orchids and violets on sale 1/2 price lol looked bad no I did not buy any )

Possibly brought something in as my violets inside by window and mings look drippy and violets some lost new buds.wilty pretty sure it could be thrips ..They were also way over watered ( not by me from store ) as I bought it .

How do I prevent the nats from laying eggs on my orchids and how much can the soil take in and how often thanks

shucks just as I thought all was getting better..

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