What can I do now about the neighbors...

15 years ago

I'm getting very upset. I practice orangic gardening and my neighbors (one beside me and one behind me) hires a man to lay fertlizer and spray herbicide and he's awful at it. Today, I have fertilizer all over my cement driveway, you know its in my lawn too. He sprays herbicide on breezy days. He's done damage to my other yards in my neighborhood by killing bushes and strawberries. You can tell who hires him when you are out walking because it's all over the streets in front of the houses, it makes me sick.

I've already yelled at him two times and talked to one neighbor, which the neighbor appolized to me and said he would talk to the fertilizer man (which didn't help me any because I have it all over my drive and lawn again). Would the city care to know about this? What can I do about this?????? Don't I have rights too?

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