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Miracle crepe myrtle

14 years ago

Not sure where to post, but just had to share.

I was inspecting the garden last night and noticed some crepe myrtle growth.

The amazing part is these are branches that I picked up from a street cleanup and pounded in as stakes.

I'll have to post pics, I got a 10ft trimming that was straight and bare of branches and put it 2' deep, I used a spade bit to drill out two holes where I placed ''branches'' to hang bird feeders and a bird house.

This was a bit wobbly, so I drove two more about 5ft as deep as they'd go, and trimmed 'em down to the height of my raised beds. It's these two that have both got new growth on them.

I'm wondering now, if I can pull them and put in containers when I move. I'm in mil housing and can't leave any thing behind.

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