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Think I am doing everything wrong, what should I do?

17 years ago

Based on everything I have read, I fel like I am doing everything wrong. Unfortunately, I dont know exact cultivars of any of them, non were labeled when i ot them.

I have two Catts, one has large yellow flowers (about 4 inches across the bloom, the other is

a small orange one. since the beginning of February, or so, the yellow one has grown a new 3 inch pb, while the small orange blooming one has grown three new roots(and may just be starting a new pb now)

I also have a large Brassia Rex, which in the last month or two has grown two new pb, each about 3 inches long also.

Yesterday, I got a Miltonia with 4 flower spikes coming from two pb and two spikes just forming on the third pb.

Lighting: I am using two incandescent bulbs, both are Sylvania Spot-Gro, one is 120 watts and the other is 60 watts. both are floodlight designed, so directed and intense. The Catts are about 1 foot away from the bulbs, while the Brassia nad now the Miltonia are about 18 inches away.

humidity is at about 45% constant due to humidifier.

Watering: I water them once a week, then after about two days, spray them 2-3 times a day with a mister to moisten the top roots.

I feed them every two weeks, alternating Peters 20-20-20 and Better Gro. Between feedings about every three weeks i water them with coffee (based off of a post I saw here. much of the growth began after starting this treatment.

So, bsed on what I have read, the lights arent strong enough, I'm over watering and the humidity is probably too low.

But i am scared to change anything as these are the first orchids ive ever had that have shown growth.

Should i chnge anything, or leave well enough alone. Im worried I'll get lots of growth but no blooms.

Any advice is appreciated and sorry about the long post.

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