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What Organic Fertilizer for Depleted Soil, Beds & Borders?

18 years ago

We moved in late last summer and the beds & borders in addition to the lawn had been neglected for 5 years, at least. We have sandy soil, zone 5, northern Indiana. A soil test last fall showed PH 6.3-6.5, depleted nitrogen, deficient phosphorus, adequate potash. This spring, we applied lime as needed for the lawn area only, which is a different problem and forum. However, the foundation beds, which look like they were installed 5-6 yrs. ago, are nicely edged, shaped and have some nice plant material we would like to keep in place with 3-4 inches of pine bark mulch. We took out some dead shrubs, and I am relocating others and working in spaghnum peat moss, composted cow manure and organic top soil in large sections as we go. I would like to fertilize these beds organically, but I am unsure of what to do with what we've moved and with what I am leaving in place? Here is a list of some of the existing plants:

Weeping Japanese cutleaf maple

Weeping cherry



mock orange



Karl Foerster grass

asiatic or oriental lilies




Thanks for any help you can give me.

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