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Too late to apply Weed-B-Gone Max to kill crabgrass?

9 years ago

Crabgrass has taken over my lawn with a vengeance. One area of grass seems like it is almost all crabgrass. My lawn has also long suffered from creeping Charley; I have another area that just has a bit of tall fescue poking through.

The creeping Charley has been a problem for a long time but I'm looking to buy Fertilome Weed Free Zone to treat it.

The crabgrass did exist before, but it was no where near this bad. In the spring I broadcast spread Scott's with Halts. It's highly possible my timing was wrong. We had a lot of spring false starts this year (DC metro area). I really just want to kill the crabgrass NOW. Weed-B-Gone says to spray it on during the Spring. So is it too late to apply Weed-B-Gone this summer? Does crabgrass really die in the winter? Maybe I just need to apply pre-emergent next spring?

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