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small engine repair started but....

14 years ago

I think I am in the home stretch here, thanks to everyone for the help.

Ok, my 1996 Simplicity single stage snowthrower with a Tecumseh snow king HSK 600 engine has the top cowl off. I located the carb bowl. I was able to remove and clean it and the screw with the hole, I re-attached the bowl and it still would not start. I figured what the heck and dropped the bowl again and removed what I believe to be the float....or the copper donut as we unskilled non mechanics call it. To my horror, when I did so by pulling the pin in the hinge, I heard a clang and found this miniature plumb bob looking thing which is likeley what you refer to as the 'needle'....? Note its hard to see what I am doing because the back cowl is still on and the only way to get it off involves disassembling the auger area etc. and to me, I doubt my abilities to get all that back together. Anyway, using a handbook via alink in a prior post that showed a variety of carb pics, I located one that I think was similar to mine that showed this 'needle' hanging on the float going into a 'port'. I sprayed carb cleaner in this port and put everything back be honest I am unsure if I had the needle right...I just sort of hung it on the float, stuck it in that port hole, held everything in place with my finger and put the bowl back on. It seams the only thing holding the needle in place is the fact its in the port.

I gave it a few pulls and the sucker started! It seamed rough at first and stalled. It started right back up though, I knocked the choke off and it ran....I saw this lever/arm on the engine moving itself open/closed or left/right as the engine revved. I put it under load in the grass to see if it would stall...which was the original problem. When I did that the engine actually seemed to run smoother and that little arm stopped moving so much. When I stopped the auger it started moving and revving again but it kept running. I have never seen an engine running or takennotice of the revving ...not sure if this all normal or not...never thought about it in the snow before. I put some goggles on and let it run and just watched it for 5 - 8 minutes.

Then........I noticed gas dripping from somewhere. I remmebered a gasket around the carb that I did not notice the last time I removed the carb bowl. I shut the engine. I again dropped the bowl and sure enough the gasket was mangled inside the bowl a bit. I took it off and carefully put around the area on the engine the carb bowl seats itself into...the engne was hot. I put the bowl on again. It started but stleed and stalled. I was out of gas! Iadded more gas and a shot of seafoam again and it started, it did not seam to run as well this time and stalled but restarted but is still leaking gas. To be honest I really did not want to run it since it was dripping. I shut it tried to determine where the leak was coming from...I am figuring the bowl but can not be sure. you thing its the gasket? Could I have inserted the needle wrong and thats letting the gas leak...other suggestions?

I never felt so proud as for those 8 minutes where it seemed to be working...I feared I messed it up by opening it back up...


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