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Home owner needs some advice on walk behind mower

15 years ago

I'm trying to decide on a walk behind mower for residential use and I sure could use some advice. I have a fairly large lawn so want something larger than the normal 21" walk behinds.

I've looked at some of the larger commercial walk behinds but three or four thousand dollars is a bit too much for me.

In my search I've come across two models that have peaked my interest. The first is a 33" made by Worldlawn (WY33N11BS) and 33" Cub Cadet (CC 760ES). They both seem similar and both sell for $1199. I know that both brands are not considered to be good "commercial" names but I will only be using the mower once a week for a couple of hours.

I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on either of these. I've included links to both mowers below. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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