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Ease of using SNAPPER walk behind mower

16 years ago

I just looked at a HI VAC and I'm concerned over these issues: 1)Is it hard or clumbsy to stop the self propelled pushing and pulling into small areas of your lawn, seems like I'd be constantly pushing or releasing that little lever with my right hand, 2)is it a hassle to holdthe bar UP to keep the mower running (other mowers are designed to hold the bar down, which I think is easier to do, 3)to keep the rope away from the bag, that little pully system attached to the top of the motor housing/grass shut area looks like a cheap afterthought, and 4)it looks like my knuckles will hit that bolt/pulley mentioned in #3 everytime I go to remove the bag.

ANY EXPERIENCE for feedback....I was ready to buy the HI-VAC with Kawasaki in my pocket, but I have to give it a second thought....

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