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St Augustine lawn looking bad! Need Help!!!

15 years ago

I live in Tampa Florida and have 1 Acre of St Augustine Grass around my house. Because my yard is next to conservation, my yard has become severely overgrown with weeds. Alot of my grass is dying as a result of this and our current drout. I recently pulled all the weeds (big chore!) and put down turf builder. This seemed to help a little, but was not worth it for the amount of work that was involved. I have since resorted to spraying the weeds with a grass friendly weed killer and plan on mowing down the weeds instead of pulling them. Is this bad?

I understand that resoding this much St Augustine is big $$$$$ and I will probably end up with the same problem 2 years down the road unless there is a way to fix this.

Is there anything anyone can recommend to bring my yard back?

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