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Can soil be added to new grass to raise the ground level?

11 years ago

I repaired a small area about 3' x 4' with some new grass seed and soil about a month ago. It's coming in nicely now. It was a hole created by one of the town's vehicles picking up debris last year from a storm.

It appears that I did not use enough soil to fill up the hole and it's about 2" shorter than the surrounding lawn. I should have used more and also I think it settled a bit. When my heavy mower goes over it, the existing lawn gets scalped as it dips down in the hole. I'm going to use my trim mower around it for now but I need a permanent fix.

The question is, can I add more soil slowly, little by little and raise the level? If so, just plain soil or some kind of mix to make it adapt without killing the new grass?

If all else fails I can start over again in the fall, but I would rather not. With my work schedule it's hard to keep it watered everyday while the seeds are sprouting. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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