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Fall grass barely growing/new seed 26 days no germination

16 years ago

I'm concerned because my lawn isn't growing. Both the new lawn I tried to establish late last fall, and the overseeding I put down 4 weeks ago, seem to be stuck in neutral.

With the overseeding, I heavily scratched the surface using a rake and then used a Pennington Ultra Blue TTTF/KBG blend. It hasn't shown any sign of sprouting even though it'll be four weeks this Saturday since I laid it down.

I've been watering once or twice every day, and the weather has generally been warm here in NJ since mid-April (following a very cold early April), but I got nothing except in an isolated few spots which germinated maybe 10 days ago.

As far as the pre-existing grass from last fall, that's not growing appreciably either.

By way of background, this is a new construction house and admittedly the soil the builder left me with is clayish w/ little topsoil and may be compacted.

Last summer when I moved in, crabgrass took over. I killed everything in the fall w/ Roundup but then was delayed putting seed down. I finally got it down in October using a slit seeder, and it came up pretty well considering. But it never reached mowing height before winter set in.

This Spring, I raked the surface, put down lime and some Tupersan product with a fertilizer, and then overseeded when the weather finally broke in mid-April.

Now, that fall grass seems to be green, but it still hasn't grown enough to require mowing even though my neighbors' lawns have been mowed about twice now.

Is the 26+ day "no germination" period reason for serious concern? What would be the reason for it?

And why would my grass from last fall not be growing taller yet?


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