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Weed invasion in KBG lawn

16 years ago

Even I reseeded my lawn last year with (Bedazzled, Moonlight and Award). This year I applied CGM as pre-m when forsythia started blooming. As most of you even I am seeing very slow greenup and vertical growth. However, now all kind of different weeds have started to fill in my lawn. I have got ton of weeds. I have identified some of these. I need help in identifying the remaining ones and also in coming up with plan to stop them from taking over my lawn.



From what I have read the only effective way to get rid of this nasty weed is to use post emergent called - Lontrel


Now are these all chickweeds? Especially the last one I have not able to identify.

It seems this is a common chickweed?


This seems like Mouseear chickweed?



few more shots of this vertical weed in lawn -



3)Curly dock


It seems trimec is best bet to take care of chickweed and curly doc and bunch of broadleaf weeds.



Obviously there are others such as clover, dandeloins, quackgrass..and it seems soon be seeing crabgrass.

And it seems Certainty is good for POA annua/trivialis. Other option is to use the glove method to apply roundup.

Having said that I was wondering what will be the best plan for me to fight with these weeds? Should I go with Trimec first and if it does not show good results for POA and Mugwort, then only go with the Lontrel and Certanity to take care of the remaining ones? I was hoping to stick to spot treatment as much as possible. But some of the areas in my lawn are so badly infested that it will be pretty much like spraying all over the lawn.

Has anyone dealt with all these weeds at the same time? Please help.

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