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I Think I Made a few totems, What do you think?

14 years ago

I posted my first two totems some time ago, I had such fun making them. I have been collecting Glass since I joined GW and found the beautiful Totems that some of you have posted. I started last night and got up this morning and it was raining, who was it that said "When it rains make totems!" I don't know if I did them right but I sure have had a blast hunting the glass and putting them together. I still have some more to do but I thought I should maybe post them before I took up to much space...LOL Anyway, here is the album, ya'll please tell me what you think!

{{gwi:171932}}From Glass Totems
{{gwi:171933}}From Glass Totems

{{gwi:171938}}From Glass Totems

Here is a link that might be useful: My First Two Totems

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