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A 5-6 yr old Fredonia Grape Vine Never Bears Any Fruits

12 years ago

I have planted a Fredonia grape vine about 4-5 years ago(it was in a big pot for a couple of years before that).

For the last 2-3 years, every spring the grape has lots of flowers, but it bears no fruit at all, absolutely nothing.

I have a blue concord planted 1-2 year earlier (it was in a big pot for 2-3 yrs before that), it has been bearing grape the year after it was plated in the ground. It has been producing 40-50 lb grapes each season for the past few years.

The two vines are 20 some ft away, the soil are the same. they get same treatments: watering, mulching, prunning... The Fredonia vine is as big as the concord. How come the Fredonia still doesn't bear any fruit? Any thing wrong with it? What can I do?

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