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New Lawn w/ Irrigation System???

13 years ago

For the last 3 years I took care of my 10,000 sq foot lawn in upstate NY organically. My family and I recently moved into a new home with a 60,000 sq foot yard. This home was a foreclosure home and the previous owner did not maintain the yard at all from what I can see.

There is an inground irrigation system that according to the neighbors the previous owner installed with friends. I am not one bit familiar with inground sprinkler systems but I was wondering if someone on this forum could give me some pointers. I realize I said i do not know anything about irrigation systems but I am rather handy and given the proper instruction I feel I can do this job.

I could post some pics if that would help, however it does not seem to me this system was properly installed/maintained. Some of the sprinkler heads are 2 inches above the soil and some are not even visible, completely burried. There is a box burried in the ground next to the house where it seems the on/off valves and wiring is held. This seems very cobbed and it is something that I feel needs to be straightened up. I am debating on digging up the entire system and starting from scratch if I can find someone on this forum that could give some good advice. I quickly browsed the forums and did not see an irrigation forum so if someone out there knows of a better forum for me to post this question please let me know.

As for the lawn I still plan on following an organic program but I do not plan on sowing any seed until fall. I will have the entire summer to tweak the irrigation system. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I should post any other information that will be of use.

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